The Happy Ballet Revolution

Exercise should be a happy experience not a chore, it should be part of every day life and be something to look forward to, an endorphin boosting, happy place to be.  For some people the gym lights their fire, for others it’s jogging, cycling, aerobics etc.  I love hard work but I want it wrapped up in layers of beautiful movement, inspiring music, stretching, strengthening, classroom camaraderie with like minded souls.  It puts a smile of my face, makes me walk a little taller, tones me up and burns a few calories too.  And if it doesn’t already I’d rather like it to put a smile on your face too.

Snuggling up on the sofa every night to watch our favourite programmes, whilst scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and the many enticing websites where we love to shop is all so enjoyably addictive but maybe our bodies deserve a night out and a new reward.  That’s very easy to say but it really has got to be worth our exhausted, overworked while to get us up off our ever so comfy sofa and out of the house.  Adult ballet can be the answer if the teacher is good and the environment friendly.  It can turn into a joyful addiction, a passionate affair, the highlight of the week.  So many people can’t be wrong and ballet is just going to get more and more popular.  Just you watch!

The Happy Ballet Revolution is happening right now! Shout it from the rooftops! “I dance because I love it, I am not competing with anyone I am simply trying to be the best me!” “It doesn’t matter what age, shape or size I am.  Ballet makes me happy!”

All you need is a little enthusiasm, kindness and encouragement towards your fellow classmates, an interest in self development and learning.

For the adult beginner or return againer a little online research should find you some local classes to choose from.  Course or drop in class?  Mixed ability/beginners only/inter-advanced class?  Find out what suits you.  Anything new can be so daunting and any excuse to snuggle back next to the dog/cat/partner/big squishy cushion on the sofa should be dodged at all costs so research is key.

Right, you’ve found a teacher that appeals and the class suitable for your ability.  Jackpot!  The rest is up to you.  Go and light that flame in your heart!